Kavbit Exchange Scam

Kavbit Exchange Scam

Cryptocurrency Exchange Scam
IP Address: (FirstVds.ru)
Namecheap / PRIVACY

Kavbit Exchange Scam – Bitgamble


Kavbit exchange is a cryptocurrency scam that is a clone of Zelbit Exchange . In summary, it is a type of scam where innocent users are informed on Discord that they won X amount of BTC and in order to claim their winnings they should make an account on the exchange and use the coupon code, for a more in-depth overview of this scam, please read the previous article posted.

Further findings:

Kavbit & Zelbit are both using the same templates, even though they share different IP’s, the same host is used (https://firstvds.ru/) it might be very possible that they belong to the same owner or group. They were both appeared online at a very close time interval ( difference of 5 days), the scammers behind those projects might be launching a grand-scale scam that is aimed to make the most funds at the shortest time.

NEVER MAKE A DEPOSIT!! You will never receive the advertised BTC and you will just have your BTC robbed from you.

Anything that sounds too good to be true, is most probably not true, if you are looking for legitimate ways to earn free bitcoin, you can always try bitcoin faucets  where you can earn a few satoshi on each action completed.

If you dodged a bullet with this scam, you can try your luck and browse our list of trusted online casinos, at least you have a better chance of winning than by randomly sending it away to strangers online.

Stay Safe and always bet responsibly

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