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About Us – Bitcoin Gambling & Bitcoin Casino Reviews

BitGamble is a Bitcoin Gambling and crypto casino reviews platform. We review online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies, we believe that traditional online casinos that solely accept fiat, require endless amounts of customer verification paper work and limit your withdrawals to a few costy, third party payment providers are a slowly dying breed. Matching crypto and casinos is like bread and butter, what kind of online gambler wouldn’t prefer enhanced privacy and security, more control over their funds in addition to instant withdrawals or deposits, all while remaining anonymous.

The reason why Bitcoin Casinos are still not as trusted or popular as other online casinos is mainly due to lack of trust, the negative media attention that Bitcoin has associating it with illegal trades or a scam facilitation tool or simply due to the lack of familiarty with how cryptocurrencies work.

Our main focus is to ease the gap of trust between online gamblers and bitcoin casinos by thoroughly reviewing relevant Bitcoin Casinos and state objectively the pros and cons and other important information that fully equips online gamblers to venture in this new industry.

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