Uniswap Scam
Bethero Scam A Scammer which used the alias of Xayo ran a complex scam known as bethero, which was supposed to be decentralized  casino. He exit scammed.. More details »
Exchange Scam
CrylonLTD Exchange Scam - Bitgamble DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEPOSIT OR UPLOAD ANY DOCUMENTS ONTO THIS EXCHANGE. IT IS A SCAM If you have ever been approached by.. More details »
Exchange Scam
Zelbit Exchange Scam - Bitgamble Overview: Zelbit Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange scam that first appeared somewhere around 2020-07-25. The scammers have built a fake exchange known as.. More details »
Exchange Scam
Kavbit Exchange Scam - Bitgamble Overview: Kavbit exchange is a cryptocurrency scam that is a clone of Zelbit Exchange . In summary, it is a type of scam.. More details »


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