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Faucet Timer 60 min
Avg. Satoshi 200
Earning Type: Faucet, Games, Multiplier, PTC, Offer Wall, Rain Pool

Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet Review:

Cointiply is a next-gen Faucet platform established in 2018. Registered users can earn free Bitcoin by interacting with the various methods that are available on this website. It has the best looking interface out of all Faucet websites, and is still in beta which means that the owners still have much more features to integrate in the near future.

How It Works:

Figuring out how Cointiply works is an easy task. As soon as you sign-up you are greeted with 200 coins, and every 10,000 Coins is equivalent to 1 USD.

There are multitude ways to earn on Cointiply:

  • Faucet
  • Multiplier
  • Offers
  • Games
  • PTC
  • Rain Pool

Faucet: Faucets regenerate every 60 minutes, you can earn anywhere from 22 Coins to 280+. It refreshes every 60 minutes, so a good tip would be to set up a timer to not miss your next roll.

Multiplier: The Multiplier is a unique type of betting game exclusive to Cointiply where you wager with your coins in hopes of earning more coins. The good thing is that you can withdraw your winnings anytime.

Offers: You earn the most by completing offers, which come in the forms of surveys or simply by watching videos. You can earn a whooping 51,000 coins by completing some offers.

Games: You earn coins by playing fun browser based games ranging from puzzle, arcade, casino and others. You earn while having fun and wasting some time, it cannot get any better!

PTC: PTC which is short for Paid-To-Click is a type of earning method where Cointiply rewards you for clicking on certain Ads.

Rain Pool: Users who are active in the chat room and input good quality chats get a % of the rain pool also the more active a user is on the platform the higher the share.

They key in every faucet platform is to stay active and regularly interact with all the earning types that a platform offers. Cointiply goes a step ahead by offering a loyalty program where you gain XP and Level up each time you interact with the platform which adds up a bonus % on each of your earnings.

For serious Cointiply users, they can upgrade their account premium which offers more many exclusive features. The upgrade costs 17,000 Coins/month and can also be earned by buying a ticket and joining the premium pool. A great feature that Cointiply has is the ability to earn 5% interest annually if you save 35,000+ coins in storage.

Bonus Boost Items

An interesting feature that Cointiply has, is the ability to buy “Pods” which are like Chests that contain equippable items that gives you a bonus on your earnings. Items are classed by rarity, and multiple items can be equipped at the same time. Equipping certain items together that are part of a set gives you an extra boost

For every 10 Coins you earn on the site, you get 1 Cointipoint which can be used to buy items


As soon as you have 50,000 Coins which is equivalent to 5 USD, you can withdraw to your BTC wallet. There are no fees charged and all payments are sent within 24 – 72 hours

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