How to Bridge to DogeChain?

How to Bridge to DogeChain using CEX

DogeChain has recently launched, it is a new blockchain that uses DOGE as its native cryptocurrency, users can bridge their DOGE coins and use it to speculate/trade on shitcoins that are launching on this chain or other activities such as DEFI and NFTS..

It is important to note that it is not an L2 solution that was created by the DOGE team, it has nothing to do with DOGE developers, it is just another EVM based blockchain that operates similarily to ETH and MATIC.

Add Dogechain to Metamask:

Prior to bridging or using the chain, you need to add the Dogechain network to Metamask.

Add the information as seen below:

  • Network Name: Doge
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 2000
  • Currency Symbol: DOGE
  • Block Explorer URL:

Bridge your Doge:

The next step is to head over to and connect your Metamask wallet, sign the message request.

Once you have signed it, Click on “Reveal address to send Dogecoin to” and click in “Confirm”.


You will get your unique DogeChain wallet address that is linked to your metamask account, you will use this address to deposit DOGE. Head on to any major centralized exchange, such as Binance, Kucoin, or any other exchange that supports withdrawals to DogeChain, and withdraw your DOGE by using the DOGECHAIN network and the address that you got from the bridge, in this example this will be the address used:

Once withdrawn you will receive your doge as WDOGE, which serves the same purpose as WETH, it will be the gas token and the main currency to transact with  for DogeChain.

It should take around  5 minutes to arrive, you can check your transaction status by clicking on “Check my Account Transaction Status“. Once it arrives it will appear in your Metamask account.

You can also bridge ETH and other cryptocurrencies to the DogeChain network, but best wait for liquidity to be added since it is still a new network.

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