What are Provably Fair Games

What are Provably Fair Games?

You may have come across this term alot if you have been checking our crypto casino reviews. What are provably fair games, and why is it something that we prefer and encourage it?

Fairness & online gambling go hand in hand, nothing ruins an online casino’s reputation more than it being accused to cheat or have a flawed algorithm that cheats its players.  Blockchain technology brought much transparency and immutability to the online casino industry, and made it possible to give birth to trustless casino games, where each roll can be manually verified by the player instead of relying on the casinos algorithm or third party gaming providers.

Crypto Casinos which implement a provably fair system are much more trustworthy and favor the ideology behind cryptocurrencies by eliminating any third party roll verification and give the power directly to its players, it simply leaves 0 possibility for the casino to cheat its users.

How does it work?

There are various techniques and modifications that crypto casinos use, however we will explain the most basic one;

  • The server first creates an encrypted seed which you get before you start your game, since you get it prior your gambling session, the server cannot later change it.
  • Your browser generates a client seed which can be randomly generated or manually generated.
  • When the outcome occurs, the player receives the seed that was used in this bet.
  • The player can manually verify the bet and if there was any issue, the player would know.

Which Casinos implement Provably Fair Games?

 Here is a list of some crypto casinos that implement games that are provably fair, the list is in no particular order:

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