Where to play Bitcoin Blackjack ?

Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack is a very popular card game among online casino players,  it uses a combination of luck and skill, the rule is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding the count of 21. There are multiple crypto casinos that have bitcoin blackjack, it is a bit disappointing to come across a casino that does not have black in their game selection. Bitcoin & Gambling go hand in hand, as opposed to traditional online casinos, bitcoin has allowed casino players to enjoy a better experience when playing blackjack by taking advantage of fast deposits/withdrawals and without providing any personal information or any intrusive data to casino owners. We recommend playing  in crypto casinos that support live games. Live Casino Games gives you a thrilling experience since you are interacting with a live dealer and not a computer program, not only does that add authenticity but also enriches your gambling experience. As an alternative, you can also enjoy bitcoin blackjack in software version, where it can be found in multiple crypto casinos that are provably fair.

Where to play Bitcoin Blackjack ?

Below you will find a list of trusted online casinos in which you can enjoy a game of blackjack, the casinos will be split into categories; Live Blackjack & Software Blackjack. While Live Blackjack is definitely more fun, there are always players who  prefer the software variant ( we will only post provably fair blackjack games):

  • Live Blackjack:
    • BitStarz: You can enjoy Live Blackjack games by entering the Live Casino tab at BitStarz. All live blackjack games are provided by EvolutionGaming
    • FairSpin: FairSpin has a rich variety of blackjack games that can be found in their live casino section, provided by different gaming providers.
    • CloudBet: Cloudbet is another great online casino where you can deposit bitcoin and play blackjack.
  • Software Blackjack:
    • Stake: Stake has their own original blackjack game that is provably fair, it is fun, fair and fast paced. A good alternative to live blackjack. You can also enjoy live blackjack on their platform, since they recently refurbished their casino section and added tons of new games and features.
    • EarnBet: Earnbet is a decentralized crypto casino that hosts only provably fair games, they also have their original blackjack software that is provably fair.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack ?

The first step is to sign-up on a casino of your choice, you can sign up to any reputable casino from the list above. After you deposit your BTC, and depending on the casino, you should be able to easily navigate the interface and find the blackjack game.  If you are looking for the live blackjack game it is always found in the live games section.

bitcoin blackjack

If you are totally new to Blackjack or you have no idea on how to play the game, it is not advisable to directly jump straight to the action. You need to familiarize yourself with the game, there are multiple guides found online that will help you grasp the concept if you are a total beginner, or learn advanced strategies if you are looking to up your game, blackjack is a fun game that can grant you good returns, since it is kind of the only game where the odds shift from house to player in terms of favor, if you have  solid mathematical skills this can give you a slight advantage as well.   However it is important to note that luck is always a factor to consider no matter how good you are at this game, never bet with more than you can afford to lose.

If Blackjack is not your type of card game, you can also check our list of the best bitcoin poker sites,  that accept bitcoin.


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