UniBet Overview UniBet ($UBET) is a crypto gaming ecosystem that consists of multiple products; a gaming platform (released), a defi/staking platform (coming soon) and a futures derivative product (coming soon).  It is one of the few projects where prior to launching their token $UBET, they already had.. Continue reading »
YFmoonShot - Is it another YF clone? YF Coins, the history YF coins... a movement that was first initiated by Yearn Finance, the original decentralized ecosystem for various DeFi products, where users can yield farm, earn passive income and generate native governance tokens. The tremendous success of.. Continue reading »
Vybe Finance Overview Vybe Finance is novel DeFI project that was launched on Uniswap without organizing any form of Presale, which is quite remarkable since most projects of similar scope rely purely on ICO offerings in order to survive and continue with the project's vision & development. If you.. Continue reading »
Zeedex Crypto - What is Zeedex? Overview Zeedex is a brand new decentralized exchange developed by experienced and ambitious players from the cryptocurrency industry. It is an autonomous DEX where users can instantly trade cryptocurrencies without the need of creating any account since deposits and withdrawals are made.. Continue reading »

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